AISD Computers

Do you have a child that is an AISD student and is needing a computer?

AISD currently has 24,000 computers available for rent with 1,300 hotspots. In order for your child to be eligible, they must be an AISD student between the 3rd and 12th grade. You can have more than one computer per household if you have more than one AISD student in your home. Meaning, if you have two children at AISD that are in the third grade or above, they would both be eligible to receive a computer.

AISD is planning to distribute computers to middle school students starting April 1st. The following week, AISD plans to distribute to elementary school students. AISD will be distributing computers out at the AISD food drives.

If you are unable to go to the AISD food drive to sign up to receive a computer, please contact us, so we can accommodate you. Please put “AISD Computers” in the subject line and someone will reach out within 24 hours.

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